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Car insurance is a financial product that provides protection against the risk of loss to your car or your possessions if you are involved in an accident. When you buy car insurance, you will pay an insurance premium to an insurance company, which it passes on to the person who hit your car.
Car insurance is a form of insurance that is sold to protect drivers against the risks of a car accident. It is also known as “drivers insurance” or “auto insurance”.

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What is the next step after you purchase a car? To protect it from damages and avoid unnecessary expenses. Car insurance would provide you with financial protection in the future against any bodily injury or physical damage that has resulted from an accident. Repairing a car can cost you a fortune. In worse cases where bodily injuries are involved, you can find yourself in a difficult financial position. Car insurance comes in handy in these types of situations. Moreover, in India, the government has made it mandatory for cars to be insured by their owners. At Finvoy, we help you insure your car through a range of insurance policies.

Types Of Car Insurance

There are many different types of car insurance. These include liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and many others

The liability coverage protects you in case you cause an accident that injures someone else or damages someone else’s property. It also guarantees that if you cause a car accident, you will be responsible for paying for damages to the other person’s car or property

Collision coverage is most often seen on larger vehicles such as trucks, sport utility vehicles and SUVs and is designed to provide protection for people who have been in an accident

Comprehensive coverage protects you from the full cost of an accident if you’re liable for it. Comprehensive coverage protects on both sides: If you cause an accident, this protection will pay for your car to be repaired and for other expenses, such as your medical bills, that you incur. It also pays for damages to other people or property if you are at fault

The three main types of car insurance are third-party, first-party, and no-fault coverages

Third-party insurance is when the car insurer pays for the damage caused by a third party. Third-party insurance is usually written by auto insurers.

First-party insurance is when the car insurer pays for the damage caused by the car itself. First-party insurance

No-fault coverages are mandatory coverages that are required by law in all states

Public and private car insurance is a form of insurance that protects drivers from financial loss in the event of an accident, theft, or other liability. It is also a form of liability insurance, which protects other people from financial loss if the driver is liable for an accident (43)

Buy Car Insurance in Mumbai

Want to protect the dream car that you just bought? Cars are one of the most prized possessions of an individual.  However, being an owner of a car comes with few responsibilities. One of these responsibilities pertains to buying car insurance for your car.  If you live in a metro city like Mumbai, you would be required to buy third-party car insurance and renew it regularly.
According to the Motor Vehicle Act, an individual must buy third-party insurance irrespective of them buying a used car or a brand new one. But, choosing the right agent for your car insurance is equally as important as choosing the right type of car insurance policy and we at Finvoy can be the most suitable option.

Car insurance agents in Thane

There are several car insurance plans in Mumbai that you can avail of. Your car can be insured for several incidents such as fire, accidents, theft, bodily injuries, and many more. Your car insurance would also help you to recover any form of physical damages that arise from non-collision events. Suppose you are caught in the middle of a storm and a heavy object hit your car's hood. These types of events are considered to be non-collision events and could be insured using car insurance. There are several car insurance agents in Thane. However, choosing the right insurance agent is also equally important! Here at Finvoy, we assist you to choose the right policy that would be ideal for your car and your needs. We would help you to choose the car insurance policy that would be suitable for your risk profile. We would firstly educate you about the car insurance policies that are available in the market and brief you about the same so that you can make an informed decision. We aim to provide our customers with a smooth and easy-going experience.  We provide rapid settlement of claims, quick renewals, and affordable premiums to our customers. We also provide additional covers at minimum premium rates that would help you to save your money on car repairs.

Why Car Insurance Is Mandatory In India?

Every driver must carry at least the minimum amount of insurance required by the law. The minimum required amount of car insurance is usually based on the value of the vehicle. The minimum required amount of car insurance is usually determined by the state government. You are expected to purchase the least risk protection from an insurance agency when you register your vehicle. This minimum liability insurance covers you in the event of an accident where you are not at fault.

Benefits of Car Insurance

Car insurance may protect you from costs you otherwise would have incurred, such as paying for towing, labour, and additional repair costs after an accident. It may also protect you in the event of a theft.
When you have car insurance, you have protection if you are involved in an accident, even if you did not cause the accident. This protection reduces the risk of hurt or property damage, which will protect you against any financial loss. It also provides the resources to cover the repair or replacement costs of your vehicle.

car insurance agents in Mumbai
Third-Party Car Insurance Policies

There are various types of car insurance policies in the market. But, it is always beneficial to choose car insurance based on your risk profile and your financial planning. Different types of insurance provide different types of covers for your car.
The most common car insurance policy that is purchased by car owners is third-party car insurance. This covers the legal liabilities of the vehicle owner if they encounter any road accident. If your car causes bodily injury to a third party or causes property damage, we will cover it. Policyholders however would have to notify us on time to receive their insurance claims.

Online Car Insurance in Mumbai

Online car insurance in Mumbai has become very important as most of us live a very hectic life with very limited time to spare. We recognize the problem! As a result, we have introduced a paperless, hassle-free online car insurance purchase option for our customers. You can go to our website, browse through our policies, premium amount, and coverage plans and select the one that best suits your requirements.
We also provide an online renewal feature that would help you to renew your insurance policies in no time.


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